20 Top Benefits Of Toys And Playtime To Kids

Every child deserves the best upbringing they can get, but it is very important that they are brought up in the right environment where they can be themselves, express themselves, learn and adapt to new things the right way.

It is also very important that kids are given the space to explore, as this is when they can truly discover their true potentials.

Thus, if this is the case, what then makes a child happy? What fascinates them? The answer to these questions is simple. Kids are most happy when they play. They love to play and you just cannot take away play from their childhood. They can play with anything and everything; as long as it’s playable.

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With that in mind, we can all agree that you can never talk of children and what makes them happy without mentioning toys. It is that obvious that kids and toys are inseparable. And by toys, I mean anything that a kid can play with safely for fun. Yes, toys are playthings; they make a child’s playtime fun and interesting. I’m guessing that’s why all kids love to play with toys.

For a fact, kids in their nature are very curious, and are often triggered or tempted to play with toys that may cause harm to them. This is why it is very essential that parents make sure to monitor their children at playtime and what they play with.

Why do kids like toys?

Naturally, kids get bored quickly whenever they are idle, but lighten up the moment they are told to go play. And playtime is just that break-away moment from stress that every child needs. It is when they learn to make friends with kids their age and communicate easily amongst each other. This is why in primary institutions, children are always given a break time from lessons….as this gives them a moment to revitalise and regain mental strength, so that they can easily assimilate what they are taught in class.

Toys induce excitement in kids when they play.  If they didn’t, then kids wouldn’t play with them. They serve as a means of entertainment for kids that keep them busy.

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Let’s look at some of the benefits of toys and playtime to children:

  • Play is very essential to a child’s development; whether it’d be physically, emotionally, socially, mentally, etc.
  • Children can only develop their unique potentials when they are given the opportunity to play games and toys with others their age.
  • Play is necessary for their brain development too. When they play, they become inspired and creative.
  • When kids play with each other, they learn to work in groups, exchange ideas/knowledge amongst themselves (ideas and solve puzzles or problems) (maybe you should simple add “to solve puzzles or problems”.
  • Kids are quick to realize what interest them when they interact with one another.
  • When kids are given the freedom to play, they easily express themselves as they play with their toys.
  • Toys teach kids from the very young age how to interact with people; this is seen in how they interact with their toys.
  • When a kid loves to play with a certain type of toy, parents can easily guess their likes and dislikes just by that.
  • Toys teach kids a sense of responsibility, in that they cherish their toys so much that they would feel bad or probably cry if a toy gets damaged or missing—teaching them to care for what they love.
  • Owning a toy or toys gives a kid a sense of accountability and ownership, because they know that it is theirs and would protect it so much.
  • Toys are colourful, interesting and kids learn a lot from them.
  • Play is like experimentation to kids. They experiments with their ideas/senses, while they play with these toys. They are able to pick out toys that are safe to play with it and those that aren’t.
  • Some shape-like toys can help kids familiarize the different kind of shapes there is.
  • Toys can also be used to teach kids how to differentiate colours; telling them apart from one another.
  • In toys, kids find friendship, and they easily form a bond playing with the toys they love.
  • Educational toys can teach kids some basic things they need to know such as the different shapes; rectangle, triangle, circle etc.
  • There are different types of toys; like dolls, and you can easily guess that dolls are a girl’s best play mate. Some kids (girls) learn the need to take care of themselves and belongings from that early age by the way they play dress games and teatime with their dolls.
  • With toys; alphabetical toys to be precise, little kids can learn to read and write.
  • Playing with the right toys help kids to develop the right attitude towards people and their environment.
  • Playtime is a recreation for kids, and when they play with their kids their age or with toys, they make the most out of it.

Every parent should be made aware the importance of play in the lives of their children, which is why here at RefinedToys.co.uk we do our bests to offer you the best of our toy collections; and you’ll be rest assured that your kids will love our products.


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